Lab Fun

Dimitrova Lab Xmas Party 2023



6th Dimitrova Lab Summer Outing, 2023

Dimitrova Lab Xmas Party 2022

Yale RNA Retreat, Fall 2022

A growing lab: Liz, Nadya, Leah, Kevin, Amrita, and Nicolo!

5th Dimitrova Lab Summer Outing, 2022

Saying goodbye to Elena and welcoming new postdoctoral associate, Leah, at the Yale Art Gallery!

Congratulations to Dr. Lauren Winkler!

Celebrating an outstanding thesis defense by Lauren on April 8, 2021.

Congratulations to Dr. Christiane Olivero!

Christiane with a brilliant smile after a brilliant thesis defense on March 5, 2021. Christiane is the recipient of the Spangler Award for Outstanding MCDB Thesis. Well done!


Congratulations Dr. Ephrath Tesfaye!

Socially-distanced celebration after Ephrath successfully defended her thesis on November 20, 2020. 

Dimitrova Lab Xmas Party 2019

3rd Dimitrova Lab Summer Outing, 2019

A day full of activities: Hammonasset Beach, Lobster Shack, and Two Roads Tour!

Lab Selfies, 2019



MCDB Retreat, Woods Hole, MA 2018

The 2018 MCDB Retreat in Woods Hole, Massachusetts.


1st Dimitrova Lab Summer Outing, 2016

The Dimitrova & Van Wolfswinkel labs held a joint lab outing on a beautiful day in East Rock Park.    The Dimitrova & Van Wolfswinkel labs held an outing on a beautiful day.

The Dimitrova & Van Wolfswinkel labs held a joint lab outing on a beautiful August day in East Rock Park.

Bajram, Jordan, Nadya, and Ephrath at East Rock Park                                      Researchers win a game of Ultimate Frisbee!

From left: Bajram, Jordan, Nadya, and Ephrath.                                    In a stunning comeback, wins a game of Ultimate Frisbee!  

Researchers form a human pyramid at East Rock park.

By forming a human pyramid on East Rock, we briefly became the highest point in New Haven.